Customer Raves

3880 Esterro Blvd, Fort Meyers Beach FL 33931


“We stayed at teh White Whale in August 2015. It has a beautiful beach & garden area. We plan another visit again in August of 2016. Our little piece of paradise."

– L. Nelson





Fort myers beach, Florida

Our Story

Carol & Larry purchased this property in 1968. Their vision has always been to spend their  retirement years here. When purchasing the condo, it originally had 4 units. Carol & Larry decided to eliminate one of the units. Yet, to keep the two upstairs units for others to enjoy it as well.

They fell in love with the beauty of the beach. the magnificent sunset and all of the fun and beauty the beach has to offer. Many of our customers come back year after year to enjoy the beauty and to recharging their batteries. 

There is plenty to do with family. Many fun things to do in the local area. Located in the middle of the island is a great way to enjoy the entire beach.